Stille is a conceptual sauna and product line that prioritizes a restorative atmosphere and organic, high-quality ingredients. The word "stille" is Danish for still, calm, silent, or rest. In its old Norse etymology, it means to place, supply, satisfy, quench, or alleviate. Inspired by Sjaellandsgade Bade, a historical bathhouse in Copenhagen, Denmark, Stille elevates the communal rituals of sauna-ing and bathing through its relaxing environment and quality spa products. In addition to its services and products, Stille hosts croquis figure drawing workshops to celebrate the body and community openness. These events and the organic ingredients and textures found in the spa inspire the painted illustrations seen throughout the space and packaging.

Services: Sauna gus, warm baths (free for those without access), croquis (figure drawing) events
Products: Natural lotions, essential oils, room sprays

Brand voice: Inclusive, sensory-focused, expressive, calm
Brand essence: natural, relaxing, open, clean, aromatic, sensual, patient