Colle McVoy

Brand Identity

As Colle McVoy found itself in the next great era of brand building, the agency felt the call to reimagine its future. Guided by a fearless positioning focused on the Great Wide Open, we built a fresh identity to showcase how the agency pushes the boundaries of creativity.
Design Director: Dustin Yerks
Senior Designer: Catherine Bretheim
Executive Creative Director: Gil Muiños
Photography: Chris Peters
Retouching: Phil Kjelland
3D Artist: Larry Phiravanh
Motion Designer: Nate Miller

A variable system of monograms represents how the agency nimbly collaborates and iterates throughout the creative process.

A series of custom 3D landscapes represent the vastness of the Great Wide Open.

Bold flash photography represents the light the agency’s employees shine into the great wide open, leading clients forward.


Brand Identity

We embarked on a delicious transformation, breathing new life into a seasoned 70-year-old frozen food delivery company. We not only unveiled a fresh brand but also gave it a distinct new name and identity that nods to the company’s unique history. We designed the brand to be more relevant to the demands of today’s families, highlighting Yelloh’s mouthwatering offerings and personalized service—bringing a freezer full of happy to every doorstep.
Agency: Colle McVoy
Senior Designer: Catherine Bretheim
Design Director: Dustin Hackwith
Packaging Design: Paul Hudachek
Creative Director: Adam Ridgeway
Copywriter: Nicole Brennan
Motion Designer: Dawn Charbonneau
Photographers: Josh Grubbs, Colleen Guenther, TKP Studios
Illustrator: Jordon Cheung

As the original frozen food company since 1952, Schwan’s Home Delivery needed a new image to align with their new, modern offering. They entrusted us to not only rebrand, but rename their beloved, family-owned company. People familiar with Schwan’s Home Delivery often refer to it with a nostalgic glimmer; we aimed to bring the brand to the present, while positioning it to create memories for a new generation of consumer.

Why the name Yelloh? It’s a friendly greeting, the color of their iconic trucks, and now, it’s a great way to get a freezer full of happy.

The color palette pulls forward hues from the original brand while refreshing others to give Yelloh a modern feel. Angled blocks stemming from the logo are a core component of the graphic language and create dynamic layouts with a sense of movement — expressing how the brand efficiently delivers food to customers’ doorsteps.

Typography is playful and bold — the perfect vessel for the brand’s revamped tone: fun, relatable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

The identity came to life in some of the brand’s most iconic assets including its legendary yellow delivery trucks, driver uniforms, freezer bags and packaging.

A system of badges highlights product offerings and the expertise drivers bring to customers' doorsteps.

We developed the brand’s first illustration library to tell new customers the story of how Yelloh delivers a freezer full of happy.

The food and lifestyle photography reflects relatable mealtime moments, complete with modern lighting style, refreshed prop library, and food styling that embraces life’s delicious imperfections. is a modern leap for the original frozen food company.

“From the first naming ideas to the final logo, there was so much collaboration and spirited discussion…thank you for your thoughtful creative and strategy leadership.”

–Marketing Director, Yelloh


Brand Identity

Groops is a mental wellness platform that gives people a space to talk about life’s biggest issues. The brand identity was designed to reflect the brand’s modern approach to mental wellness while highlighting the bold and illuminating conversations members have through Groops.
Agency: Colle McVoy for Groops
Designer: Catherine Bretheim
Digital Designer: Sam Gordon
Design Director: Diana Quenomoen
Strategist: Casie Cook
Copywriter/ACD: Zach DeBlaey

The logo transforms Groops’ “O’s” into overlapping speech bubbles to highlight the power of conversation.

Our bright and refreshing color palette stands apart from the competition's subdued hues and conveys the raw candor that Groops encourages in their virtual conversations.

The brand system utilizes a typeface with various weights and narrow letterforms that allow for a strong type hierarchy system and reflect the brand's modern approach to wellness.

Our patterns highlight the open conversations that happen in Groops. 

The brand’s iconography system pulls from the logo’s round shapes to embody Groops’ unique cohorts.

Our warm editorial photography style captures raw and candid moments to convey the authenticity members can expect to feel when joining Groops.

Our digital redesigns – from email, to web, to the member dashboard – greet current and future members with a refreshing, bold, and easily navigable experience.   

Zoetis Equine

Brand Identity, Brand Book

Coming from a category filled with fear- and performance-based marketing, our strategy aimed to capture the emotion behind horse care with the rallying cry “Long Live the Horse.” To bring the brand to life visually, we’ve homed in on the beauty of connections between caregivers and horses that show a reciprocity of care – both putting in as much as they receive.
Agency: Colle McVoy for Zoetis Equine
Designers: Catherine Bretheim, Carli Bruckmueller, Ben Hait
Design Director: Diana Quenomoen
Group Creative Director: Puja Shah
Art Director: Dylan Krenka
Copywriters: Louie Calvano, Alicia D’Agostino
Photographer: Andy Anderson

The campaign’s pattern system is derived from the Zoetis logo and reflects the movement of a horse’s tail
Our color palette builds on Zoetis’ corporate color system by incorporating additional earth tones that add a premium feel and celebrate horses’ beautiful coats and natural environments.

Our photography system captures real moments of hard work that vets and horse owners put in to champion horses’ quality of life while our pattern system and typefaces convey the freedom and movement of horses.

We produced a brand book to launch the campaign internally at Zoetis with print techniques ranging from clear varnishes and intricate diecuts to emotive substrates and gate folds to bring the brand to life.


Brand Identity

Tasked with developing an internal identity for Colle McVoy’s agency group that works on agricultural clients, we developed a brand that expresses the bluntness, persistence, versatility, ambition and straight-up badassery of the team.
Agency: Colle McVoy
Designer: Catherine Bretheim
Copywriter: Alejandro Estrada
Creative Director: Adam St. John
Design Director: Diana Quenomoen